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In Polish, the word “DOMATOR” has a very special meaning, defined as a person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home, in other words, a homebody. The agents that form part of DOMATOR TEAM have worked together for many years with a common goal of providing a personalized experience for our clients. Our vast knowledge is based not only on thirty years in the business but draws from the diversified backgrounds of our team members which include interior designers, architects, home builders, inspectors, and accountants.


Everybody has access to MLS listings Mississauga. From an outside perspective, real estate may seem “easy”. Even if you have bought or sold a property in the past, the market, the response to changing conditions, as well as rules and regulations surrounding real estate are constantly changing. There are many nuances during the process of buying or selling and stumbling through it on your own can cost you thousands of dollars. No amount of Google searches can replace the experience and knowledge of a full time professional.

I have been a Realtor since 1991 and have seen every type of market; from boom to recession, and back again. Through thousands of successful transactions, repeat clients, and referrals, we have built a business centered on treating our clients like part of our own family.

My wife, Agnes, and daughter, Kate, as well as a team of experienced agents, form part of this “family”. Together we can help with all aspects of real estate including buying, selling, leasing and more. Although located in Mississauga, our team work in Etobicoke, West Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Hamilton. We can assist sellers in preparing their homes for sale, whether it be organization services, staging, pre-sale home inspections, professional brochures, virtual tours, photography and more. For buyers, our network of mortgage brokers, inspectors, and lawyers have been vetted by us over many years and are here to support you through the home buying experience. Houses for sale Mississauga, condos for sale Mississauga, new condos Mississauga. We cover all.


Over the last number of years, pre-construction condo sales in the GTA (Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville, etc.) have proven to be an excellent investment vehicle. A relatively small upfront investment of 15-20% of the purchase price has typically yielded impressive returns. Whether you intend to buy a condo for yourself, for rental income or to sell for a profit, we work with many builders and developers as VIP Agents with priority access to many projects, even before other agents or the general public.

Our background in design is a great advantage to our clients, allowing us to better guide them through the many different condo projects and equally important, suite selections. Without experience reading floor plans, it’s difficult to grasp how spacious an apartment or townhouse will feel, whether it is truly functional, or what impact other influences such as the direction a unit faces or its location within the building or complex may have.

While many people are under the impression that they can’t have their own agent, if you are considering buying pre-construction, it is essential to have your own representation when dealing with a builder. The builders’ agents work for the builder, not for you and the purchase of a pre-construction condo is much more complicated and nuanced then a resale property. The services of your own buyer agent will not affect the price of your condo!

If you are considering a pre-construction condo in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington, or Hamilton, call us first.


Unlike the stock market, real estate is a tangible asset. If you are able to invest in rental property, it can be one of the most effective ways to create personal wealth. Not only will your tenant be paying your mortgage for you but over time, regardless of temporary market fluctuations, the value of that property will increase – providing you with a good retirement nest egg. Once a house has been paid off, you are left with a steady residual income for years to come. To build true long-term wealth, you must buy and hold real estate, period.

It’s important to remember that not all investment properties are created equal. Location, ease of access to public transportation, area influences, and lastly, the house itself are hugely important. Investing in rental properties does not necessarily require a lot of money. Many municipalities already support the conversion of single family homes into multiple units and provide a means by which to do it safely and legally. Let us help you make an informed decision, with your budget and expectations in mind.


Many of our clients are home builders and renovators who have chosen to work with us specifically because of our background in architecture, design, and building trades. With nearly 30 years’ experience in real estate, they trust our knowledge, guidance, and expertise with finding opportunities in established and up and coming areas of redevelopment in Etobicoke, Mississauga, or Oakville, and appreciate that we “speak the same language” when addressing their needs.

For us, working with builders is an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong passion. There is nothing more gratifying then seeing a building or renovation project come to life. Our involvement often extends beyond the transaction. Because we’ve been through the process ourselves many times, our expertise is often sought out by our clients when approaching matters such as lot severance, zoning, and the design, finishes, and staging of a property.

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