How to design home interior from which you will draw positive energy?

Spring is already here, the sunniest season – summer – is coming. Despite everything, in recent days we are a bit forced to spend most of our time at home. Our vitality – which usually at this time was regenerated by the sun, air, being in nature, meeting friends, going on trips and holidays – began to depend on other factors. We have been limited. But we know well that the way to draw vigour does not depend only on these factors. Recently we have been working from our homes if we can. We wake up in the morning – in the bedroom, relax in front of the TV in our living rooms, prepare meals in our kitchens. We spend most of the time at home. The foundation of our well-being is what and who we surround ourselves with. We do that by meeting our friends, being in nature, eating healthy food, but also – where we fall asleep and where we wake up. How to arrange an apartment so that we feel good in it so that we can and draw life-giving energy from it?

Here are some hints and ideas that we have prepared for you:

1. If you are not doing a complete renovation – move furniture at home. Invent your concept and rearrange at least one room in your apartment. Effect? You will be delighted with the change, you will be proud that you did it yourself. Hence? You’ll get an even more kick of power to act. And when the quarantine is over you will be able to invite friends to your old, but a completely new, apartment.

2. Start playing with colours, textures and materials you choose in your furniture and decorations.

Do you miss nature? Get a new piece of furniture made of wood. It does not have to be a large wardrobe, but maybe a small table or cabinet in the hall to hide things that are lying around the apartment? Wood not only looks beautiful in interiors but also improves mood. It creates a balance between the raw foundation of the building and our spirit, that stays in our apartments. A touch of wood in the house gives warmth and coziness.

Bright your home by adding a touch of colour. Get a small piece of furniture or decorations that will totally change your interior and give you a kick of energy. To give warm aura – choose the colours of nature and sun. To gain originality and character – combine materials or decorations with geometric shapes.

If you plan to buy a sofa, decide on comfort and its functionality in a natural palette of colours. It is an investment for years. Think about what you need the most? You work a lot, you need to rest choose something with a relax function.

You often have guests in your condominium? – choose a sofa that can be easily turned into a bed.

Do you like the design? Choose a sofa with an interesting shape and fashionable colour.

3. Add new decorations or change the old ones. By adding white, gold or silver accessories you will give your interior a touch of luxury and elegance. Bet also on the glossy and shiny items.

Also try to invest in an interesting wall decoration- painting or picture. Combine with vacation souvenirs – it’ll give you good memories that drive you to action.

4. Add interesting lighting to your room – most importantly, change the bulb to neutral or warm. Those with blue glow add coolness to the apartment and make our interior less cozy. They add unfavourable energy and make our skin look grey. After all, our appearance also improves our well-being.

Surround yourself with amazing interiors and what you love, it is an amazing way to soothe our souls. Thanks to our amazing pieces of furniture – now you can relax in your cozy apartment and just let your positive vibes flow.