What makes Forhomes Ltd. Unique.

Forhomes Ltd. is categorized differently than most other window and door businesses on the market.

This is because all Forhomes employees share in the vision of creating and applying a truly excellent and unique product to any commercial or residential application. Often, companies specialize in just one facet of the construction business, Forhomes takes part in it all while partnering and working with some of the most prestigious window and door manufacturers on the market e.g Rehau, Aluplast/ Aluprof, Martins Window, Mastergrain, Novatech.

These are companies of continental if not worldwide renown whose representatives only partner with what they believe are the best possible spokespeople of their product. Working with companies such as Aluplast and Aluprof allows Forhomes Ltd. to expand their range of products to the most elite European product. Tilt and turn systems are becoming extremely popular on the North- American market. Through its partnership with Aluplast and Aluprof, Forhomes Ltd. is ready to provide the most elite European product with the highest quality of finish and glass. Most importantly; thermodynamics applicable through double-glass windows for simple efficiency, and up to quadruple-glass, energy neutral windows with incredible technology allowing for extremely sustainable temperature management in any commercial or residential application.

Furthermore, Forhomes Ltd. hand creates their own unique door systems with multitudes of options and finishes suitable for any home or project. This allows for the peak amount of customization since clients are prone to discover something new they themselves didn’t even know was a possibility.

Moreover, Forhomes Ltd. has their own installers and does not rely on out-of-company contractors for installation. Since everything is done in house, the company guarantees the topmost quality of installation, as well as proper procedure during the installation, Forhomes Ltd installers are some of the most experienced and proficient in the trade and will complete any job not just professionally but also with utmost efficiency.

Finally, Forhomes Ltd. strives to create a proper and personable client experience. The project managers with whom clients come into contact with are excellent at guiding any client through the process, and will give proper advice based on the parameters of any project. These conversations are best had in the Forhomes Ltd. showroom located at 991 Matheson Blvd E Unit 6. In the showroom there are many examples of products that apply to both residential and commercial projects, as well as the workshop where some of them are created and refined. Come book an appointment or visit today!

All of this information and more is available on the Forhomes Ltd. Website:www.forhomes.ca