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Green Metal Roofing is a local manufacturer and installer of metal roofing panels, from residential to commercial applications, we provide quality steel options ranging from siding to roofing and other custom projects which require steel panels. Our manufacturing facility, located in London, Ontario produces custom-cut steel panels and we are proud to service areas like Mississauga, Scarborough and beyond with quality metal roofing installations.

Shingle Roof Repair vs. New Metal Roof Installation

Many homeowners have a tough time deciding whether to go with a roof repair for their damaged shingles, install a new shingle roof, or upgrade to a more permanent metal roofing solution. Green Metal Roofing is here to help make this process easy, we offer quality metal roofing at an affordable price. We are your roofing service experts and will help you through the process. Green Metal Roofing services Mississauga and the surrounding areas. By upgrading to a steel roof, you give yourself peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected for many years to come with a metal roofing system from Green Metal Roofing. Instead of worrying about roof repair, invest in a metal roofing system which will last a lifetime, provide peace of mind and increase your property value.

Metal Roofing Companies and Metal Roofing Contractors

There are many choices available when it comes to steel roofing. As metal roofing gains popularity, there are more and more metal roofing companies that provide different steel roofing options. There is also a growing number of metal roofing contractors who have switched from shingle installations and are now providing options for steel roofing. The two things that Green Metal Roofing prides itself in, is the quality of our steel and the quality of our installations. We strive to provide the best experience for our clients. By choosing Green Metal Roofing, you know you are choosing a quality product and a professional installation which is backed by our 55-year warranty!

Is a steel roofing right for my home?

If you are looking to upgrade your curb appeal and increase home-value then a metal roof is worth the investment! Steel roofing comes in many shapes and sizes, Green Metal Roofing uses full length, custom-cut, metal roofing panels creating seamless coverage from peak to trough. All of our roofing contractors are factory certified, providing you professional metal roof installations. And best of all, we are one of the very few roofing companies who offer a true 55-year transferable warranty! Call or click today and request your personalized pricing information.

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