Modern and stylish beds that can catch your eye

When it comes to the bedroom it seems to be one of the easiest spaces to design, not too much furniture and décor are needed yet how to find a happy middle between aesthetics, comfort and practicality. All of those should mix in the focal point of every bedroom – The Bed How to make a good choice of a modern bed? Here is some advice.


Modern is the most fashionable style nowadays. It has been on top for several seasons and there are no signs that it will change. No wonder that most furniture manufacturers offer modern-style beds. Their luxurious design draws attention and gives the room a sophisticated character. The most popular are beds with large headboards, decorative elements in original shapes and defined by high-quality materials.

STYLISH BED – but which one?

When looking for a trendy bed, first you need to pay attention to the headboard, which is the most eye-catching part of it. Large, tufted and upholstered preferably in a sophisticated fabric like velvet these are the main attributes of a modern, swanky bed Those go well with glamour, industrial and contemporary interiors.

If your home is more classic but you still crave a modern rich bed, then you should consider a headboard with wings that will wrap you up in comfort and add some elegance and luxe.


Upholstered beds are increasingly popular this and future season. And comes as no surprise that these are not only ultimate in comfort but are decor masterpieces itself. Even though stylish upholstered beds are nothing new, in recent seasons we can see them in a new variation. They fit into the modern style, as well as in the art deco, which has been hailed as the most fashionable trend in the interior design of bedrooms in 2021.


Upholstered and decorative headboards are not your thing? Are you dreaming of a minimalist Scandinavian bedroom? A great choice may be, always fashionable bed with a wooden frame. A wide variety of choices give you an opportunity to coordinate the bed with other pieces in the whole interior. One is sure here, less is more so you will be opting for a bed with clean lines, a restrained palette of colours (black, white, grey) and natural materials such as wood and iron. To make one step further you can decide on a platform without a headboard and create it directly on the wall with materials that make you feel comfortable and will express your design fineness.


The walls and floors in the bedroom should be kept in a balanced colour palette. Interior designers recommend light, pastel and powdery hues. These colours create an opportunity for relaxation. However, the bedroom does not have to be a boring room. Enlive it by colour accents of decor and furniture. Black, navy blue, burgundy, mustard, caramel and mint beds dominate in trends these days.

Beds upholstered with white, ecru or gray fabrics will be a choice for bedrooms where you want to focus on inverted contrast. Therefore, they will perform well in bedrooms with walls in fashionable gray, burgundy, navy blue or bottle green. What’s more, beds upholstered with light fabrics will also fit into any interior of style, not just modern. They can also be easily combined with the most fashionable this season, i.e. delicate shades of green and blue (sage, olive, baby blue, jade), creating the atmosphere of modern boho.


Especially for small space dwellers, functionality is in the first place when it comes to choosing furniture. So take your time and a closer look at the pieces you consider. Does it give you proper support when you want to lean on your headboard and read or watch tv, does it have nicely finished edges so you won’t hurt yourself when walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Is the size right for the room so you have enough space to walk around? Is there an option to get a bed you like with storage underneath the mattress? Does assembly is easy enough to do it yourself or does the store provide technical support? Don’t rush when making big decisions, choosing your bed is important enough to take it slow.

In Smart Furniture we will be more than happy to help you with making decision, our staff always understands that buying furniture can be challenging so we will do our best to walk you trough this with pleasure.