Murphy Bed – discovered of necessity

Well, the greatest words to define Murphy Bed is a “space saver”. If you have spent plenty of time wondering how to organize a small interior and ended with the conclusion that whatever you do, you always need to compromise on furniture, then this is an answer for your needs.

Versatile space

Murphy Bed was invented in the late 19th century in the US, growing in popularity ever since. Today’s houses and apartments are constantly getting smaller, so we need to think wisely when deciding how to use the available space. For those lacking the room, need an extra guest bedroom, create a multipurpose interior or combine all rooms in one – this may be an ideal solution. Let’s say you want to have a gym but don’t want to compromise on a guest room – not an issue. Murphy bed will hide in a wall so you can workout comfortably without unnecessary clutter.

How does the Murphy Bed work?

Let’s look up how it works. The Murphy bed is attached to the wall and looks like a wardrobe or a sleek storage unit when closed – depending on the design. When you need the bed – pull out the platform and place it on the floor. The mattress is attached to the base with the straps to stay in place when it is in a move or won’t sag when it is closed. New advanced technologies used in modern Murphy Beds prevent them from accidentally collapsing and make it easy to open and close them.

Horizontal or vertical

Since the Murphy Bed opens up to the floor, we need to judge how much space we have and decide if we need a horizontally or a vertically installed bed. The essential here is the ceiling height and room width, so you have sufficient space to walk around the bed when it is open. Choose a horizontal bed for a narrow space and a vertical for high ceilings.

As functional as possible

To get as much as possible from your room and Murphy Bed, you can install some add-ons available on the market. LED lights are very popular these days; modern spaces are packed with them. And we get it! It illuminates the room and creates a cozy and inviting environment. Check LED straps designed for a Murphy Bed frame. For bookworms – reading lights will be a nice addition. Many models feature a USB port to recharge the electronic devices. Besides the lights, you can consider matching storage solutions, like bookcases, closed cabinets or small side wardrobes matching the bed frame.