Natural Stone Veneer – the Choice of a Lifetime

Natural stone is unrivaled for its beauty and durability. It is the oldest of all building materials- its longevity unmatched. The enduring appeal of natural stone continues to be as strong today as ever.

We are drawn to natural stone because it confirms our past and reaffirms our future. It is a testament to the strength and resilience of nature. We cannot help but embrace it and all of its imperfections because it speaks of authenticity that is nature itself.

Connecting our homes to nature is a basic fundamental of life. This desire to connect our homes to the tranquility and beauty of nature has a major impact on our design choices. And now, with the increasing awareness of sustainability and green design, we are witnessing a resurgence in the use of natural stone in our personal living spaces.

Thin stone veneer has become one of the most popular choices for decorative building materials on the market today. The thin “slices” of stone opens a whole world of design possibilities. Available in many styles, cuts, colours, and textures, natural stone veneer is an affordable luxury that allows us to put this timeless classic virtually anywhere our vision takes us.

When we bring natural stone indoors, we blur the lines between outside and inside and it allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature in our homes year-round. It is being used in so many new and creative ways that even the smallest project can have major impact.

Curating a sophisticated curb appeal with natural stone veneer allows us to meld with our surroundings displaying our innate passion for nature. It lays the foundation for creating lasting value that will allow your project to stand the test of time.

When only the best will do, natural stones are the natural choice. What better way to bring nature back into our homes than sustainable, locally sourced natural stone veneer? After all, Mother Nature is the ultimate designer.

5 Reasons to Choose Natural Stone Veneer


Natural Stone veneer is a lightweight option that can be used virtually anywhere without additional supporting structures. It also provides limitless design versatility with the flexibility to manipulate the texture, size and cut to create your own design personality, often within the same stone variety.

2. Durability

Natural stone, formed over thousands of years has already proven what it’s made of. It has weathered many a storm and day to day wear and it continues to age gracefully. It is the strongest of all building materials.

3. Low Maintenance

Natural stone requires little or no maintenance. It has already weathered the biggest test of all – the test of time. If cleaning is necessary, most stones can simply be cleaned with a mild dish soap and water.

4. Sustainability

Natural stone is organic, it contains no toxins, therefore it produces no off gassing, it has an enduring lifecycle and can be completely recycled – all qualities that make it an ideal environmental choice.

5. Enduring Value

Natural stone will enhance the value of your home while reducing the need to replace materials. It brings out the beauty of your property and enhances the overall curb appeal, increasing overall property value and ROI

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